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me sitting at the bus stop for 30 seconds: where the bus
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"thats not very lady-like of you"


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Beauty and The Beast
A female freediver takes in the underwater scene, as a lemon shark slowly swims by
Photograph by Raul Boesel
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circumhorizontal arcs photographed by (click pic) david england, andy cripe, del zane, todd sackmann and brandon rios. this atmospheric phenomenon, otherwise known as a fire rainbow, is created when light from a sun that is at least 58 degrees above the horizon passes through the hexagonal ice crystals that form cirrus clouds which, because of quick cloud formation, have become horizontally aligned. (see also: previous cloud posts)


American Kestrel

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there’s this car where i’m from, known pretty well by people as “the duck car” and i finally saw it and it beats every celebrity sighting 




when i see cuties postin selfies



if you wanna join my gang punk you gotta be hardcore. *pulls out  temporary tattoos* choose a tat, but don’t choose the kitty that one is mine

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some people just normally look like they havent slept in weeks. i am one of those people

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is everything expensive or am i just poor

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what if after you die you get stats like

words said total: 21,390,459

pushups done: 1.3

hours spent crying: 238

I can theoretically see myself really getting into D&D I mean I don’t know anything about it but it seems like a cool idea

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me flirting: so haha you watch sports anime
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